Industry First on Mill Creek Sailing Pier


Earlier in May, Crofton teams completed an exciting project that involved an industry first! The City of Hampton, partnering with Fort Monroe Authority and Youth Sailing Virginia, replaced the current floating pier with a 210’ x 30’ floating pier, which connects to a 185’ fixed pier and a 55’ x 7.5’ aluminum gangway. This robust pier, built to federal ADA standards, is the first to utilize single extrusion 30’ HDPE deck boards. Due to their substantial length, these deck boards required alternative installation methods. Crews incorporated a crane with a spreader bar to handle the boards. HDPE is a long-lasting material and lends to increased strength of the floating dock. The atypical length of the deck boards not only provides seamless aesthetics to the piers, but also helps reduce tripping hazards.  As Mill Creek is essentially land locked by two low bridges, mobilization of equipment and materials proved to be complex. Project equipment, including cranes and barges, had to be transferred from land to water using a trestle constructed of multiple pin barges, steel crane mats and timber crane mats. Kelly Handly, a sailing enthusiast and board member with Youth Sailing Virginia told the Daily Press, “When that pier is built, it will be a game-changer for us”. Congratulations to Clay Backus, Project Manager and team on completing the installation of this brand-new pier that will impact generations to come!

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