In Memory of Captain Kevin Eley

Captain Kevin Eley
04/27/59 – 09/04/23

On September 4th, 2023, our hearts were weighed down with sorrow as we bid farewell to Captain Kevin Eley. We gather not only to mourn his passing but to celebrate a life that left an indelible mark on the sailing community and countless yourg hearts. Our deepest condolences go out to Kevin’s beloved wife Sue, his sons, George, Will, and Henry, and all of his family and friends.

Kevin was not just an avid sailor; he was a guiding light in our sailing community. He embarked on a voyage of dedication and passion that led to the establishment and growth of Youth Sailing Virginia.

YSV would not exist without Kevin’s determination. Seeking a practice venue for his sons’ high school sailing team, he discovered a promising location on Mill Creek at Fort Monroe. With boundless enthusiasm, he reached out to the Fort Monroe Authority and tirelessly worked to secure the site. The city of Hampton rallied behind the mission, and thanks to Kevin’s leadership, a pier was constructed that soon became the home of the YSV fleet of FJs.

Kevin’s vision transformed YSV into the thriving hub it is today – a place where high school and college teams converge to practice and a host for regattas. YSV’s growth didn’t stop there; it evolved into an accredited US Sailing Community Sailing Center and a REACH Education Center. The comprehensive programs, including learn-to-sail camps, water safety and survival, workshops and family learn-to-sail lessons, have become a beacon of development for countless youth.

Kevin’s legacy is not confined to the realm of sailing; it extends to the countless youths who, through his dedication, discovered the joys of sailing – many of whom might not otherwise have had the joy of experiencing.

As we reflect on his incredible contributions, we extend our deepest gratitude to Kevin Eley. His legacy will forever be intertwined with the countless lives he touched and the enduring impact he had on the world of sailing. Kevin, you have set sail on your final journey, and we wish you a fair wind and following seas.

The Eley family has suggested in lieu of flowers, a donation to Youth Sailing Virginia in memory of Captain Kevin Eley and you can use the link below if you would like to make a donation in his name.



Donors to the Kevin Eley Memorial Fund

Nancy Allen
Barb and Henry Amthor
Caroline Bagley
Marshall Bagley
Rick and Cindy Bagley
Thomas Bagley
Charles & Joan Baker
Carter Barrett
William and Nancy Beach
Vincent Behm
Michelle Elizabeth Benson
Gary and Mary Bodie
Val and Dave Bowen
Malcolm Brady
Katharine and Michael Brooks
Mary Brown
William and Eleanor Brown
Robert Buchannan
Nancy Budge
Bunco Girls
Kristie, John and Loghan Campbell
Campbell Family Charitable Fund
Whiting Chisman
Danny and Betsy Clark
William and Susan Cofer
Berkley Cone
CV International and Capes Shipping
Cindy and Richard Dellinger
Randy and Jenn Devlin
Candy Dicarlo
Robert Dickenson
William Diggs
James Dixon
Delaware River Harbor Pilots, LLC
David Eberwine
Susan Edwards
Lex and Beth Eley
Tommy and Kix Eley
Joan Fargis
Charlie Futcher MMA 81D
Diana Garnett
Pat and Jane Garvey
Dawn Gerbing and Benjamin Cuker
Ann Gordon Evans
Andrew Hall
Michael Hamar
Kelly Handly
Jill W. Harris
Patricia Harris
John Hilburger
Glenn and Steve Hirsch/Curtian
Rose and Stocky Hobart
Ryan and Mary Hodges
Don and Donna Holsten
William Hudgins
Monique Hunnicutt
Huntington Garden Club
Joe Illes
Ann and Steve Irby
Jay and Tara Joseph
John Kenerson
Mary Kate and Steve Kitay
Tom Keogh
Susan and Harry Lankenau
Susan and Neal Lineberry
Margo and Charlie Loutrel
Diana LoVecchio
Justin Lurie
Lissa Magauran
Pamela Martin
Ellen and Mike McAllister
Reed McAllister
McAllister Towing of Virginia Inc.
Jeff McMahon
James McNider
Ann and Amory Mellen
Patricia Melochick
Denine and Doug Miller
Matthew Moisan
Jane Moore
Stanley Moore
Tyler Moore
Sallie Marchello and Tom Morehouse
David Mumford
Chris Murray
Holly and Dieter Nottebohm
Renee and Carlos Nottebohm
Thomas Nottebohm
William Peach
Nancy and Joe Penick
Brad and Cindy Peaseley
Pledgeling Foundation
Trudy Porter
Ron and Carrie Quinn
Jacob Raymond
Bernd and Vicky Repenning
Margaret Rhodes
Beth Rogers
Jonathan Romero
Laura and Jeff Sandford
Mary and Norman Saville
Alfred and Meredith Scott
Cameron Sealey
Jeff Shackelford
Kimberly and Jamie Shoemaker
Rick and Karen Spaulding
David and Trena Stalfort
Milton and Melanie Stanius
Katharine Terrill
Bruce Thompson
Keith Thompson
Anna Van Buren
Sara Von Schilling
Ventker Henderson Stancliff PLLC
Virginia Maritime Association, Inc.
Virginia Pilots Association
Dan and Karen Waddill
Carl and Monica Walker
Molly Ward
Ann Warner
Kathleen Wheeler
Ana Maria Zaugg

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