Gary Bodie Receives Prestigious Nathanael G. Herreshoff Award

The 2021 Nathaniel G. Herreshoff Award

Gary Bodie (Hampton, VA)

Gary Bodie has been an inspiration in the sailing realm, from his prolific racing career to his time as a successful coach and team director. Bodie has made an impact on nearly every aspect of dinghy sailing, from college sailing to the Olympics to race management.

Bodie was a standout racer during his college years and after in the 505 class. Post-college, he was recruited as a coach, serving several colleges during his career. During his eight-year tenure as a coach at the US Naval Academy, his team won many championships, and a number of his sailors were named to the All-American Sailing Team.

In 1996, after a tough Olympic Games in Savannah, Georgia, the US Olympic Sailing Committee recruited Bodie to be the High-Performance Director of the US Team. His sailors won eight medals including a Gold Medal in each of the three Olympics he coached in 2000, 2004 and 2008.

After retiring from leading the US Sailing Team he took on being the chair of the Miami Sailing World Cup regatta in tandem with serving on World Sailing’s Events Committee and then Council as a volunteer. He became the ‘go to’ person to make Miami one of the top elite sailing destinations in the country, if not in the world. He became a highly respected leader and has represented North America on the Council of World Sailing.

In 2012 Bodie was selected to be on the World Sailing Council representing the USA with Cory Sertl. He also served on the Events Committee and the Ranking Committee during his eight years at World Sailing.

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