Community Partners

Thank you!

Our deepest thanks go to the generous donors and supporters who continue to ensure Youth Sailing Virginia, Inc.’s future. 

We couldn’t have done it without you.


Community Partners

Association of Maryland Pilots
Fort Monroe Authority
Fort Monroe Community Center
City of Hampton
City of Hampton Police Department
Hampton City Schools
Hampton Roads Academy
Hampton Yacht Club
Kingsmill Yacht Club
E.T. Lawson & Sons, Inc.
Mid Atlantic Mariners Club
Monarch Bank
Old Point National Bank
Oyster Point Rotary Club
Rotary Club at City Center
Paint Supply Company
Patten, Wornom, Hatten & Diamonstein
Peninsula Community Foundation
PHRF of the Chesapeake
Q Design PLC
Rouse Bottom Foundation
Sail Happy Time
Salters Creek Consulting, Inc.
Ventker and Henderson, PLLC



Patricia Adams
Steve and Nancy Adams
David Alexander (In memory of Pete Wallio)
Barb Amthor
Lee and Abby Anderson
Bentley Andrews
Will Andrews
William and Sally Andrews
Richard Bagley
Charles and Joan Baker
Thomas and Mary Basco
Bill and Nancy Beach
Vince Behm, Jr
Carlyle Bland
Gary Bodie
Alan Bomar
Malcom and Kathy Brady
Bill and Eleanor Brown
Leigh Chapman
Daniel Cronin, Jr.
Scott and Linda Curtis
Melissa DeBoer
David Denton
David Eberwine
Vernon Eberwine, Jr
Ann Edgar
Kevin and Sue Eley
Lex and Beth Eley
Charles Fichtner
Elizabeth Foxx
Terry Fuller
Wade and Robbie Garnett
Mark Gregg
Ric and Kelly Handly
J. Robert Harris
John and Jill Hilburger
Shonia Holloway
John Holt
David Host
Julie Illes

Michael Karn
Steve Jackson
Olive Johnston
Michael Karn
Allen and Suzie Kilgore
Steve and Mary Kate Kitay
Carol Lanshe
Gaynette LaRue and Tom Wood
Adam Lucas
Mike and Ellen McAllister
John and Lin McCarthy
John and Sally McGee
Tyler Moore
Emory Morgan
Timothy Mowry
Jacqueline Neilson
Tommy and Kix Nottebohm
Joan Patterson
Bill Peach
David Rhodes
Margaret Rhodes
R. Ristow
Glenn and Claudia Ross
Kemper Sarrett
Mark Sarrett
Danielle Schaefer-Friedman
Jeff and Cheryl Shackelford
James Shoemaker
Tim Spracher
Lynn Stewart
Page Stooks
Katherine Terrill
Ron Thompson
Jim and Ann Tormey
Helmuth Treishman, Jr.
Richard and Sandra von Schilling
Dan and Karen Waddill
Forest and Molly Ward
Mark and Kathy Wheeler
Daniel and Jill Whitten
Greg and Paige Williams
Wilson Ziegenbein


In-kind Support

Affordable Printing and Copies
Charles and Virginia Armstrong
Gary and Mary Bodie
Malcolm and Kathy Brady
Bill and Eleanor Brown
William T. Brown
John and Carolyn Campbell
Dave and Leigh Chapman
Karen Charney
Patricia M. Christenson
David Cordner
CNU Sailing
Tom Dixon
Marguarite M. Dubray
Kevin and Sue Eley
Fort Monroe Authority
Fort Monroe Community Center
Terry Fuller
Green’s Container & Hauling, Inc.
The Grey Goose
Hampton City Schools
Hampton Division of Fire and Rescue
Hampton Stationery
Hampton Rotary Club
Hampton Roads Academy
Ric and Kelly Handly
Henry Hudgins
Interscholastic Sailing Association
Steve and Ann Irby
Landfall Navigation
Lockwood Brothers, Inc.
Chip Lomax
McAllister Towing of Virginia, Inc.
Moran Norfolk
The Morris Sisters – Mrs. Marguarite M. Dubray, Mrs. Patricia M. Christenson, Mrs. Katherine M. Rush
Wayne McPhail
New England Ropes
Old Dominion University Sailing
Old Point Comfort Marina
Joan Patterson
Sam Patterson
Patten, Wornom, Hatten and Diamonstein
Max Plarr
Margaret Podlich
Pools Grant Home Owners Association
Peninsula Community Foundation
placeMAPS, Inc.
Katherine M. Rush
Sail Nauticus
Steve and Kathy Shield
Signature Canvas Makers
Steve and Kelly Smith
Tim Spracher
Ann P. Stokes Landscape Architects, LLC
Sunset Boating Center
Sunset Marine Company
Virginia Sailing
US Coast Guard
US Navy SEAL & SWCC Scout Team
US Power Squadron
The Virginia Store
The Virginia Port Authority M.I.R.T
Whaletail, LLC
Tom and Nickey Woodfield


Give Local 757

A special “thank you” to our Give Local 757 donors for supporting YSV through the Peninsula Community Foundation!

Joan Baker
Eleanor Barnes (In honor of Cole & Morgan Handly)
Cynthia Bagley
Andrea Berndt
Gary Bodie
Brian and Heidi Bonislawski
Malcolm Brady
Mary Bunting
Laurie Burt
Leigh Chapman (In memory of Evelyn Morgan)
David Cordner
Amy Craig
Joseph & Letia Drewry
Kimberly Deibler
Ann Edgar
Kevin and Sue Eley
Tammy Flynn
Wendy Green
Dave and Suzanne Hamilton (In memory of Graham Field)
Ric and Kelly Handly
Sarah Harrington (In honor of Blake Harrington. Live free…sail)
Rosemary Hobart (In memory of William Gordon Petty)
Henry Hudgins
Allen Kilgore
Bob and April Kochan
Gaynette LaRue
Greg and Pam Lawson
Pamela Loveland
Connie McFarland (In memory of Evelyn Morgan and Dale Challoner)
Robert Montague
Jane Moore
Elizabeth Neilson (In honor of Neilson Woodfield. Congratulations on working so hard to make this organization happen!)
Paint Supply Company
Anna Patterson
Eve Patterson
Joan Patterson
Sam Patterson
Christopher Pfrang
Margaret Podlich
Christian Rasmussen
David and Alison Rhodes
In honor of Emily Rhodes
Salters Creek Consulting, Inc. (In honor of Will Chapman)
Mark Sarrett
Jay Scribner
Mark and Bev Spicknall
Page Stooks
Thomas Wood
Neilson Woodfield
Wilson Ziegenbein

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